Welcome to Commander Aviation Services

Learjet taking off

Our team of enthusiastic aviators and ex- regulators at Commander Aviation Services Ltd provides expertise in commercial aircraft operations from specialist aerial work to commercial air transport.

Our key specialist areas are:

  • Aviation business and safety risk assessment and management
  • IS-BAO accredited audit for business aviation
  • Legal compliance for aerial work and commercial air transport
  • Development of Government Aviation Oversight
  • Acting as an expert witness for General Aviation safety issues

Within these specialist areas, we offer the following services:

  • Aircraft Registry development and initial operations
  • Setting up Air Operators’ Certificates
  • Operations Manual drafting and development
  • Confirming compliance with relevant Aviation Authorities’ requirements for commercial air transport and aerial work
  • Assessment of legal flight compliance and reporting for insurance claims relating to commercial air accidents
  • Development of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle operating procedures acceptable to the UK Civil Aviation Authority
  • Assessment of risks to aviation from wind power developments

Examples of recent projects Commander Aviation Services Ltd have undertaken

        Advised Specsavers Aviation prior to their IS-BAO audit in 2016.

        Specsavers retained their Level 3 assessment - the highest possible.  (See NEWS)

Assisted the States of Jersey with the development of a new aircraft registry.


        EON Logo       Produced a report on the safety of helicopters for wind turbine maintenance.


To find out more about our services, call us on +44 (0)1342 718 879

or email info@commanderaviationservices.com